Career Education

A career is not just a series of jobs.  The National Career Development Association in the USA define it, “a continuous process of lifelong learning, growth, and development.” As a career educator, I work on the premise that career development is the process of “managing learning, work, leisure and transitions to move toward a personally determined and evolving future.” I use a holistic approach with a biopsychological perspective and the principles of adult development and ageing – changes are continuous over the lifespan, and individuality matters. It also goes with Donald Super’s lifecycle and lifespan theory that shows how much time education and career occupy in our lives. Career planning has a 7-step process: Intake interview » Strong assessment » Theorizing the perspectives » Apply models » Create self-marketing tools » Upgrade skills » Execute the plan. See more below. 

What You Will Learn

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will set out on their career journey with a good foundation with this course. Upon completing the course successfully, you will be able to:

  1. Identify your self-concept and consuming passion for the world of work.
  2. Identify how interests, personalities, occupational themes, and work environment matter in the career decision-making process and your “calling” as a consuming passion for the career domain.
  3. Recognize developmental theories, lifecycle approach, life-career rainbow, career choice as a process, vocational choices and work adjustment, and career construction.
  4. Apply models like GROW, WOOP and CPC-Career Model to validate their career decision-making.
  5. Create self-marketing tools like an ATS-friendly resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
  6. Develop job search skills for the digital age, interview techniques, networking, and professional development to get the edge in career progression.
  7. Learn how to execute the career plan and further training they need to achieve their career goals.

You Will Learn

You Will Do

"A Career is a continuous process of lifelong learning, growth and development that adds experiences to our toolbox of life."

– US National Career Development Association

Example Projects From Our Students


“Mr. Zaman guided me to choose the appropriate course and recommended a good college named “George Brown” when I was totally unaware of the colleges in Canada. He helped me in the admission process as well. After landing in Canada, he also helped us by guiding and counselling us on various matters of settlement. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a consultant.”
Jima Emily John, India
“Very rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us and mold us and help us to find ourselves in that process. Today, as a Marketing Manager in a reputed Data Engineering company with two master's, I can not help but bow down to someone who has helped me not only to learn how to be a learned academic but also a good human being.”
Nahian Muntasir, Belgium
“Of late, I got a lucrative offer from one of Bell Mobile’s competitors in BC, I immediately contacted him. He listened to me attentively, asked a couple of open-ended questions, and advised me accordingly. Based on his advice, I decided to stay with Bell, and it came out to be the best decision for my career progression. I am now an assistant manager of a corporate branch.”
Shourav Mahbub, Canada

Career Education Guides Students Toward Right Career Path

I support students with evidence-based and theoretically-grounded success strategy connecting education, skills, and career goals. I can teach student success strategies and career education courses at educational institutions.