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About Me and My Calling

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I am also thinking about the protean career, a relatively new concept in which individuals are self-directed and driven internally by their values. There are two other new concepts – the ‘boundaryless career’ and ‘career recycling.’ Nowadays, on average, an individual goes through 12 different careers.

Identifying one’s self-concept is more important than anything else in career decision-making. Self-concept is the subjective and objective views of the self. I managed to identify my self-concept at the higher secondary level, shrugging off the external world’s feedback and switching from science to humanities. After that, I studied English to become a journalist. A job matching the self-concept ensures satisfaction and success. It was Donal Super until this point.

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

– John Dewey

Personal Philosophy

Ethics is a religion to me. It’s about learning to make rational choices between good and evil and what is morally justifiable action or not. Ethics begins when elements within a moral system conflict. Ethics is less about the conflict between right and wrong than the conflict between equally compelling values and the choices that must be made between them! I follow philosophers including Aristotle, Kant, Mill, Ross and Rawls. I also follow the concept of Stoic philosophy. 

The Philosophers

Virtue lies at the mean between two extremes – Aristotle | Act on the maxim which you would like to become universal law – Kant


Golden Mean

Immanuel Kant

Categorical Imperative

John Rawls

Veil of Ignorance

John Stuart Mill


Marcus Aurelius


William David Ross

Pluralistic Theory of Value

Healthy Living

How healthy are you? One way of identifying that is by checking how much medicine you take in your 40s, 50s or 60s! You can never do what you want to unless you keep yourself healthy. A 4-minute breathing exercise and a 20-minute physical exercise can help you stay healthy. I call it DIH or do it at home. No expensive gym equipment is required. If you can become a small eater and go through regular checkups, it will be easier for you to stay away from medicine. 

Books & Reading

Reading and Healthy Living are two of my main pastime. Check my Healthy Living Course.

I am not a bookworm, but I love reading and collecting books – mostly non-fiction. I also love building a personal library. I am from General-X, so I am still attached to hard copies to flip through pages and highlight the key points. However, as a study tool, I use many online tools, including Diigo, Pocket, and OneNote.

Here are some of my recent readings: 

  • Carol, D. S. (2016). Mindset: The psychology of success. Ballantine Books.
  • Swanson, J. L., & Fauda, N. A. (2015). Career Theory & Practice: Learning through case studies. Sage.
  • Arther, A. B., Khapova, S. N., & Richardsson, J. (2017). An Intelligent Career. Oxford.
  • Tieger, P., Barron, B., & Tieger, K. (2021). Do what you are. Little, Brown Spark.
  • Savickas, M. L. (2018). Career Counseling. American Psychological Association.

"A Career is a continuous process of lifelong learning, growth and development that adds experiences to our toolbox of life."

– US National Career Development Association


“Mr. Zaman guided me to choose the appropriate course and recommended a good college named “George Brown” when I was totally unaware of the colleges in Canada. He helped me in the admission process as well. After landing in Canada, he also helped us by guiding and counselling us on various matters of settlement. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a consultant.”
Jima Emily John, India
“Very rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us and mold us and help us to find ourselves in that process. Today, as a Marketing Manager in a reputed Data Engineering company with two master's, I can not help but bow down to someone who has helped me not only to learn how to be a learned academic but also a good human being.”
Nahian Muntasir, Belgium
“Of late, I got a lucrative offer from one of Bell Mobile’s competitors in BC, I immediately contacted him. He listened to me attentively, asked a couple of open-ended questions, and advised me accordingly. Based on his advice, I decided to stay with Bell, and it came out to be the best decision for my career progression. I am now an assistant manager of a corporate branch.”
Shourav Mahbub, Canada

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