Student Success & Career Education

Higher education institutions want their students to get prepared for today’s dramatically changing workplace. I can help institutions achieve that goal by educating and training students on developing academic and career success strategies, better learning habits, career plans, ATS resumes, job search and interview techniques, and online presence.

World of Work

After over a decade of teaching at university, my world of work has expanded to the following areas. However, journalism, media ethics, news gathering and writing for the web remain part of my skillsets. I still love teaching those courses.

Student Success

Are you learning or studying? Becoming a better learner with a growth mindset and honing skills for education and work is more important than your IQ. Contact, if you want to know how?

Career Education

Your career is not just a series of jobs; instead, it's a process of lifelong learning, personal development and professional growth. I can help you develop a career plan.

Ethics: Personal & Professional

How do you define ethics? How do you differentiate personal and professional ethics? Can ethics be taught or it's something we have? I can help you find answers!

Information Design & Web Content

Information design and web content are any website's two most crucial elements. I can help you design a dynamic website to achieve your goals.

Seligman's book Flourish

A vocation is an individual’s choice of occupation which reflects personal preferences and interests. A career is not just a series of jobs; instead, ‘it’s a continuous process of lifelong learning, growth, development, and transition’ through which individuals identify their ‘calling’ (here comes Mark Savickas)—recalling Maslow’s self-actualization.

A calling is an individual’s consuming passion for a particular career domain. It contributes to a sense of personal meaning and purpose. So, the desire to enter into a given work area means you have chosen your career path (a bit Freudian and Gottfredson’s circumscription) while selecting an academic discipline is the second step toward that goal.

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

– John Dewey

Career Motivation

  • A career decision is a personal choice.
  • Everyone is employable based on their skills and credential. 
  • Finding a job is easy, but finding the right job may take time.
  • Job search itself is a full-time job.
  • You fail only when you give up applying; until that point, you are learning.
  • A resume is a work in progress.
  • Your elevator pitch is your briefest life story.
  • Career development is a lifelong process of learning, work, leisure, and transition.
  • Your mindset can be more important than your IQ.
  • Use your ‘second brain’ to stay organized.
  • Your experience is your original knowledge.
  • Take job search as a process of learning.
  • Customizing a resume may be more challenging than writing a resume.
  • You are gifted; you only have to identify the dimension of your giftedness.
  • You are the most important person in your life.
  • You can only be happy when you find a job that goes with your self-concept.
  • Find your consuming passion, also known as your ‘calling.’
  • Ethics has no alternative. 
  • What you know is as important as how you present it.
  • Two things you control in life – your thinking and your action.
  • Life stops when you stop learning and designing your future.

Books & Reading

Reading and Healthy Living are two of my main pastime. Check my Healthy Living Course.

I am not a bookworm, but I love reading and collecting books – mostly non-fiction. I also love building a personal library. I am from General-X, so I am still attached to hard copies to flip through pages and highlight the key points. However, as a study tool, I use many online tools, including Diigo, Pocket, and OneNote.

Here are some of my recent readings: 

  • Carol, D. S. (2016). Mindset: The psychology of success. Ballantine Books.
  • Swanson, J. L., & Fauda, N. A. (2015). Career Theory & Practice: Learning through case studies. Sage.
  • Arther, A. B., Khapova, S. N., & Richardsson, J. (2017). An Intelligent Career. Oxford.
  • Tieger, P., Barron, B., & Tieger, K. (2021). Do what you are. Little, Brown Spark.
  • Savickas, M. L. (2018). Career Counseling. American Psychological Association.


“Mr. Zaman guided me to choose the appropriate course and recommended a good college named “George Brown” when I was totally unaware of the colleges in Canada. He helped me in the admission process as well. After landing in Canada, he also helped us by guiding and counselling us on various matters of settlement. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a consultant.”
Jima Emily John, India
“Very rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us and mold us and help us to find ourselves in that process. Today, as a Marketing Manager in a reputed Data Engineering company with two master's, I can not help but bow down to someone who has helped me not only to learn how to be a learned academic but also a good human being.”
Nahian Muntasir, Belgium
“Of late, I got a lucrative offer from one of Bell Mobile’s competitors in BC, I immediately contacted him. He listened to me attentively, asked a couple of open-ended questions, and advised me accordingly. Based on his advice, I decided to stay with Bell, and it came out to be the best decision for my career progression. I am now an assistant manager of a corporate branch.”
Shourav Mahbub, Canada

Need to Talk?

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