Information Design for Dynamic Website

Traditional media, such as newspapers and television, are linear, where information is viewed sequentially. On the other hand, the websites are non-linear, exploratory and interactive, where users can go in any direction at any time. This direction depends on the user’s needs. A site’s success depends on how it communicates with visitors with its functions and features.

Information designers play a crucial role in developing a user-friendly dynamic site by ensuring that features and functions have an effective information hierarchy. Based on the creative brief, information designers create the site’s scope and objectives, organize content, and map out the site’s architecture. They also develop mood boards for visual appeal and liaise with developers for technical feasibility throughout the site development process.

Based on decades of journalistic experience, I developed these skills as my secondary area of interest. I am now helping people build user-friendly dynamic sites with effective information architecture and compelling content.       

Mood board and mockup for Portfolio design.

Content is the King

Content is the king on the web. According to, some five billion people use the internet, which is 63% of the world’s population. Of which 4.65 billion are social media users. Your products are services are boundaryless in today’s digital world.

So the Content you create for your service or your social media presence can make a big difference in your career and personal branding. Your blog post will not reach a mass audience unless it is search engine optimized and the way you write and the web tools you use are also critical.

There are 1.8 billion web pages that the Google bots are crawling thousands of web pages every second. Google AI also follows EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) model in ranking the Content. Moreover, the web needs short sentences, say around 145 characters, to be SEO-friendly.

So keep these two formulas in mind – EAT and shorter sentences – whenever you write or create something for the web.

What You Will Get

I work with a team of content creators to support people in their work. The team does extensive research and creates authoritative Content for the web pages and social media. The Content includes news stories, curated Content, videos, photos and infographics.

You Will Learn

You Will Do

Work Example


“Mr. Zaman guided me to choose the appropriate course and recommended a good college named “George Brown” when I was totally unaware of the colleges in Canada. He helped me in the admission process as well. After landing in Canada, he also helped us by guiding and counselling us on various matters of settlement. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a consultant.”
Jima Emily John, India
“Very rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us and mold us and help us to find ourselves in that process. Today, as a Marketing Manager in a reputed Data Engineering company with two master's, I can not help but bow down to someone who has helped me not only to learn how to be a learned academic but also a good human being.”
Nahian Muntasir, Belgium
“Of late, I got a lucrative offer from one of Bell Mobile’s competitors in BC, I immediately contacted him. He listened to me attentively, asked a couple of open-ended questions, and advised me accordingly. Based on his advice, I decided to stay with Bell, and it came out to be the best decision for my career progression. I am now an assistant manager of a corporate branch.”
Shourav Mahbub, Canada

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I can help you with content creation and using web tools for job search and personal branding.